Rick Hill: “He’s Been Fighting Against Women’s Health Issues for Years”

Assertion Comes as Montanans Celebrate National Women’s Health Week

Helena, Mont. – While running for governor, former insurance executive and member of the U.S. House of Representatives Rick Hill has stated that he wants to “move Montana forward” (1). But, throughout his career as a congressman, insurance company executive, and candidate for governor, Hill has led the charge against moving women’s health issues forward. And, Montana Democrats are calling attention to this important issue while folks all across Big Sky Country celebrate National Women’s Health Week.


“Congressman Hill has led an assault on women’s health issues throughout his career as a congressman, insurance company executive, and as a candidate for Governor of our state,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick. “He supports letting insurance companies discriminate against women, has a history of publicly criticizing single women who are unable to have children because of health issues, and women’s health insurance rates skyrocketed while he was serving as an executive for the company. Montanans deserve better than Rick Hill as our next Governor.”


Examples of Congressman Hill’s Assault on Women’s Health Issues Include:


  • Supports Letting Insurance Companies Discriminate Against Women: While campaigning for governor in 2012, Rick Hill has touted his support for repealing Montana’s “unisex” insurance law, which makes it illegal for insurance companies to consider gender when evaluating the risk of policy holders (2).


  • Publicly Criticized Opponent for Being a Single Woman and Unable to Have Kids: While running for re-election in 1999, Congressman Hill said that Nancy Keenan was not fit to be Montana’s lone U.S. Representative because she did not have children (3). He also alleged that Keenan could not appreciate the intensity of the shooting at Columbine High School because she wasn’t a mother (4). Keenan rebutted by saying she “wanted to have children,” but was unable to because of a hysterectomy. She also noted that “nothing is more devastating when a doctor walks into the room and says you’ll never have children” (5).


  • Health Premiums Skyrocketed While Hill Was Insurance Company Executive: While serving as a health insurance executive, the company he worked for increased rates by as much 35 percent (6).


“We need to make certain that the voters across Montana know that when it comes to Rick Hill, he’s been fighting against women’s health issues for years,” said Dick.


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