Rick Hill: “He’s Been Fighting Against Women’s Health Issues for Years”

Assertion Comes as Montanans Celebrate National Women’s Health Week

Helena, Mont. – While running for governor, former insurance executive and member of the U.S. House of Representatives Rick Hill has stated that he wants to “move Montana forward” (1). But, throughout his career as a congressman, insurance company executive, and candidate for governor, Hill has led the charge against moving women’s health issues forward. And, Montana Democrats are calling attention to this important issue while folks all across Big Sky Country celebrate National Women’s Health Week.


“Congressman Hill has led an assault on women’s health issues throughout his career as a congressman, insurance company executive, and as a candidate for Governor of our state,” said Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Ted Dick. “He supports letting insurance companies discriminate against women, has a history of publicly criticizing single women who are unable to have children because of health issues, and women’s health insurance rates skyrocketed while he was serving as an executive for the company. Montanans deserve better than Rick Hill as our next Governor.”


Examples of Congressman Hill’s Assault on Women’s Health Issues Include:


  • Supports Letting Insurance Companies Discriminate Against Women: While campaigning for governor in 2012, Rick Hill has touted his support for repealing Montana’s “unisex” insurance law, which makes it illegal for insurance companies to consider gender when evaluating the risk of policy holders (2).


  • Publicly Criticized Opponent for Being a Single Woman and Unable to Have Kids: While running for re-election in 1999, Congressman Hill said that Nancy Keenan was not fit to be Montana’s lone U.S. Representative because she did not have children (3). He also alleged that Keenan could not appreciate the intensity of the shooting at Columbine High School because she wasn’t a mother (4). Keenan rebutted by saying she “wanted to have children,” but was unable to because of a hysterectomy. She also noted that “nothing is more devastating when a doctor walks into the room and says you’ll never have children” (5).


  • Health Premiums Skyrocketed While Hill Was Insurance Company Executive: While serving as a health insurance executive, the company he worked for increased rates by as much 35 percent (6).


“We need to make certain that the voters across Montana know that when it comes to Rick Hill, he’s been fighting against women’s health issues for years,” said Dick.


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Rehberg Launches New TV Ad, “Bologna”

For Immediate Release:
May 17, 2012
Chris Bond, 406-852-3113

Rehberg Launches New TV Ad, “Bologna”
Ad Features Montanans, Highlights Tester’s Hypocrisy & Pro-Obama Voting Record

MISSOULA, Mont. — Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, today released a new television ad, “Bologna.”

The ad features Montanans sharing their thoughts about Senator Jon Tester’s harmful, hypocritical record of saying one thing in Montana, then doing the opposite in Washington, DC — and his dishonest, hypocritical attacks that are designed to distract Montanans from that out-of-touch record.

Despite his efforts to appear independent as he seeks re-election, reports show that Tester sides with President Obama’s costly, unpopular agenda 95 percent of the time in Washington.

“Senator Tester loves to talk about how Montana sends him to Washington with a suitcase full of good Montana beef — but what Tester brings back to Montana is a record of bad hypocrisy and 95 percent support for the Obama agenda,” said Rehberg spokesman Chris Bond. “Between his hypocritical, liberal record and his dishonest attacks, Tester is bringing a whole lot of Washington bologna back to Montana, and folks here aren’t going to tolerate it.”

Click here or on the screenshot below to view Denny’s new ad, which will begin running on television stations statewide on Thursday.



Rehberg ad: Trust career politician who sued firefighters ‘to always do what’s right’

Congressman’s actual words: ‘I’m not always right — I make dumb decisions’

BILLINGS, Mont. –  After nearly four decades in politics, Congressman Dennis Rehberg knows all about sausage-making in Washington—as his latest TV commercial shows.

Rehberg’s second TV ad, another bizarre attack called “Baloney,” tries to take issue with Jon Tester for bringing Montana beef from Tester’s Big Sandy farm to Washington.

Rehberg’s ad claims: “You can trust Denny [sic] to always do what’s right.”

But even Rehberg knows he’s “not always right,” telling a Tea Party gathering in Montana, “I make dumb decisions.” [Rehberg meeting, 8/21/2009]

Dumb and irresponsible. Here are some of Rehberg’s most irresponsible decisions:

  • He voted twice for the Patriot Act despite overwhelming opposition from Montanans [HR 3162, Vote 398, 10/24/01; HR 3199, Vote 627, 12/14/05]
  • He voted for the controversial REAL ID program and the failed No Child Left Behind program [HR 418, Vote 31, 2/10/05; HR 1, Vote 497, 12/13/01]
  • He sued the City of Billings and its fire department, costing taxpayers $21,000
  • He hid $25,000 he raised from Washington lobbyists in 2011
  • He voted to give himself five pay raises and accepted seven pay raises after promising Montanans he would never do either
  • He’s pushing a controversial big-government land-grab bill and an anti-hunting bill that’s opposed by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

“After 35 years in politics, Dennis Rehberg can only run on a long record of irresponsible decisions that hurt Montana families,” said Tester campaign spokesman Aaron Murphy. “Montanans know that’s exactly why Congressman Rehberg is attacking Jon Tester’s record of cutting taxes, serving veterans and defending our values.”

A full fact-check of Dennis Rehberg’s new ad is online HERE.


Rehberg: Corporations are People

Multimillionaire Congressman gives full endorsement to unlimited corporate spending in elections, repays ‘longtime friends’

Helena, Mont. — As Montana’s century-old tradition of keeping unlimited corporate money out of politics took a blow in court yesterday, Congressman Dennis Rehberg is doubling down on his belief that corporations are people.

Here’s what Rehberg said on a right-wing talk show* earlier this month:

Question:  “Your thoughts on are corporations people, of course a criticism of Citizens United.”

Rehberg Answer:  “The courts have made a determination that they are, so far be it for me to question the philosophy and the decision-making of the United States Supreme Court.

Thanks to the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision, which gives corporations the same rights as people, corporate special interests can spend unlimited money to influence elections through anonymous front groups.  And they’ve already spent over $2 million in Montana to try to buy a Senate seat for Congressman Rehberg.

“It’s no surprise that Congressman Rehberg believes corporate special interests are people — they’re his longtime friends,” said Ted Dick, Executive Director of the Montana Democratic Party.  “Shadowy corporate front groups are spending big money on negative ads to repay Congressman Rehberg because he’s given them whatever they want.  They know Congressman Rehberg will protect their special interests, like tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas, even if it means putting Medicare and Social Security at risk.

In September of last year Congressman Rehberg earned an endorsement–and a $10,000 check–from the organization Citizens United.

* Audio of Congressman Rehberg’s comments available at the 17:50 mark at this link.