Rehberg Promotes Montana’s “All-of-the-Above” Energy Solutions in Invitation for House Energy & Commerce Committee Visit

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, today sent a letter to House Energy and Commerce Chairman Fred Upton (MI-06) inviting him to visit Montana with his committee and any members interested in seeing what an “All-of-the-Above” energy solution can look like.  Rehberg serves on the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Energy and Water and has been a consistent leader for a comprehensive energy policy in Congress.

“Increased production of domestic energy not only reduces our dependence on foreign oil and keeps prices down, but it creates good paying jobs in the process,” said Rehberg.  “Montana is not only an example for what can be accomplished when we produce our own energy, but a warning for what we stand to lose from dangerous policies like cap & tax which could effectively destroy an entire sector of our economy.  I invited the Energy and Commerce Committee to come out to Montana to see why we’re called the Treasure State.”

Rehberg’s full letter is below:

Dear Chairman Upton:

As Americans struggle to afford the increasing cost of energy, I have enjoyed working closely with you to find long-term energy solutions.  Like you, I think we must find a way to reduce our dependence on foreign energy, decrease costs and create jobs.  That’s why I want to invite you and the members of the Energy and Commerce Committee to my home state of Montana.  Montana is a warehouse of energy opportunities, and can provide a critical component of a comprehensive national energy policy.  We’ve got just about everything in Montana – coal, oil, wind, oil, solar, geothermal, biomass.

According to AAA, the average price of gasoline has steadily increased for weeks, reaching $3.89 a gallon nationally and $3.60 in Montana.  High gas prices impact just about every other segment of the economy as people choose to stay home and spend less.  Montana can help reduce the soaring costs as a leader in developing alternative and renewable energy, as well as producing traditional energy like coal and oil in an environmentally responsible manner.  While Montana has an abundance of natural resources, our most valuable resource is the hard-working folks with the expertise to utilize those resources safely and cleanly.

The opportunities for Montana to increase its role have been hamstrung by onerous regulations and legislation being crafted in D.C.  For instance, the job-killing greenhouse gas regulations by this Administration under the Clean Air Act have been estimated to cost consumers billions of dollars.  This is on top of the taxpayer money that will be needed for all of the new regulators that the EPA will have to hire in order to enforce the new rules.  These policies, along with cap and trade, are backdoor attempts by the Obama Administration to impose its anti-energy agenda which will have devastating consequences on economic growth and job creation.  Before the Administration unilaterally imposes burdensome regulations there should be opportunity for congressional input.

Visiting Montana could provide valuable insights into what’s working, and just as importantly, what can be done better.  You can explore the good-paying energy jobs in Montana and hear first-hand what these devastating anti-energy policies would have on those jobs and the communities they support.  Thank you for your consideration of this request, and please don’t hesitate to contact my office if I can be of further assistance.


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