Montana Steelworkers Endorse Kim Gillan for Congress

“Kim’s experience is unmatched, her record is unrivaled,

and her resolve is exactly what Montana deserves in the U.S. House.”

Billings, MT – Montana State Senator and Democratic candidate for Congress Kim Gillan today announced that Montana Steelworkers locals 11-470 and 11-443 have officially endorsed her campaign for Montana’s lone seat in the United States House of Representatives.

“Throughout her career, Kim Gillan has always spoken up for working Montanans,” Wade Johnson, Chairman of Steelworkers Local 11-470, said. “No matter how difficult the task, Kim has proven time and again that she knows how to get things done for Montana and deliver real results that make a difference. Kim’s experience is unmatched, her record is unrivaled, and her resolve is exactly what Montana deserves in the U.S. House.”

Steelworkers Local 11-470 and 11-443 represents over 540 working men and women in and around Yellowstone County.

“Kim Gillan has stood shoulder to shoulder with Montana’s working men and women for years, and she has never once let us down,” Keith Crookston, head of Steelworkers Local 11-443, said. “In this race, the choice couldn’t be clearer: Kim Gillan will be an effective and results driven leader who will deliver for Montana.” 

“From the very beginning, my campaign has focused on creating and sustaining good paying jobs for Montana families,” Gillan said. “That’s why I’m proud to have the support and endorsement of the hard working men and women of Steelworkers Locals 11-470 and 11-443.”   

Kim Gillan is an experienced and results driven State Senator from Billings who oversees the Workforce Development program at MSU-Billings, an effort committed to making sure that the state’s workers and young people have the skills needed to compete and excel in today’s changing economy. Gillan served 16 years in the Montana Legislature, where she encouraged new, good-paying jobs, stood up and spoke out for balanced and responsible budgets, supported Montana’s small businesses, created a fairer tax system for working families, and implemented an insurance mandate in Montana that covers diabetes and autism.

Kim Gillan has also received the endorsements of Teamsters Local 190, the Montana Public Employees Association, and the following legislative and community leaders:

Sen. Shannon Augare, Browning; Sen. Gary Branae, Billings; Rep. Tony Belcourt, Box Elder; County Commissioner Jean Curtiss, Missoula County; Rep. Robyn Driscoll, Billings; Sen. Tom Facey, Missoula; Rep. John Fleming, Saint Ignatius; Rep. Cynthia Hiner, Deer Lodge; County Commissioner Bill Kennedy, Yellowstone County; Rep. Sue Malek, Missoula; Rep. Bill McChesney, Miles City; Rep. Mary McNally, Billings; Sen. Lynda Moss, Billings; Rep. Trudi Schmidt, Great Falls; Sen. Kendall Van Dyk, Billings; Sen. Gene Vuckovich, Anaconda; Sen. Dave Wanzenried, Missoula; Fmr. Rep. Paul Beck, Red Lodge; Fmr. Sen. Vivian Brooke, Missoula; Fmr. Rep. Rosie Buzzas, Missoula; Fmr. Rep Gary Forrester, Billings; Fmr. Rep. Eve Franklin, Helena; Fmr. Rep. Julie French, Scobey; Fmr. Rep. Kathleen Galvin Halcro, Great Falls; Fmr. Rep. Carol Gibson, Billings; Fmr. Rep. George Golie, Great Falls; Fmr. Rep. Wanda Grinde, Great Falls; Fmr. Rep. Mary Ann Guggenheim; Fmr. Rep. Robin Hamilton, Missoula; Fmr. Sen. Ken Hansen, Harlem; Fmr. Rep. Hal Jacobson, Helena; Fmr. Sen. Judy Jacobson, Butte; Fmr. Rep. Deb Kottel, Great Falls; Fmr. Sen. Jeff Mangan, Great Falls; Fmr. Rep. Gary Matthews, Miles City; Fmr. Sen. Bea McCarthy, Anaconda; Fmr. Rep. Scott McCulloch, Billings; Fmr. Rep. Joe Quilici, Butte; Fmr. Rep. Holly Raser, Missoula; Fmr. Sen. Emily Stonington; Fmr. Montana United Transportation Union President Fran Marceau; Chuck Cashell, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 400 Business Manager.


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