Rehberg Comments on 2-Year Anniversary of President Obama’s Health Care Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, released the following statement marking the 2-year anniversary of the President’s Health Care Law.  Rehberg, who stood with the majority of Montanans, was the only member of Montana’s delegation to vote against it.

“When Senator Baucus wrote this bill and Senator Tester cast the deciding vote for it, they hadn’t bothered to ask Montanans what they thought about it.  They didn’t ask seniors about cutting $500 billion from Medicare.  They didn’t ask small businesses about thousands of pages of job-killing regulations and fees.  And they didn’t ask young people about adding trillions of dollars of debt that they’ll have to repay.  I opposed this law because I asked these questions at open, public listening sessions across the state.  Now, after two years, our health care costs are higher than they have ever been, while the projected cost of the law has doubled.  That’s why Montanans support repealing this law and replacing it with common sense solutions to rein in costs and improve access.”

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