Tester joins the fight against Multiple Sclerosis

Senator supports MS Awareness Week, calls for increased action


(U.S. SENATE) – With thousands of Montanans living with Multiple Sclerosis, Senator Jon Tester is fighting to raise awareness of the chronic and disabling disease.


Tester today cosponsored a bipartisan resolution declaring March 12 to 18 as “Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week.”  Multiple Sclerosis affects nearly half a million Americans, with women two to three times more likely to be afflicted, but symptoms often go undiagnosed.


“Multiple Sclerosis can be hard to detect,” Tester said.  “Educating more folks about its symptoms will allow them to get the help they deserve and help us find a cure for this terrible disease.” 


Multiple Sclerosis attacks the central nervous system, leading to symptoms ranging from numbness in the limbs to paralysis and difficulty with memory or thinking.  There is currently no cure, but medications and therapy can help.


Tester’s resolution affirms the country’s commitment to eradicating Multiple Sclerosis, encourages state and local governments to support Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week, and pays tribute to health care professionals and researchers who work on Multiple Sclerosis.


Tester noted that in addition to disproportionately affecting women, Multiple Sclerosis affects higher numbers of veterans.  The VA provides health care to veterans with Multiple Sclerosis regardless of whether it is service-connected.


Numerous Montanans contacted Tester in support of the Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week resolution, including Paul Luwe from Bozeman and Deanna Turner from Billings who live with Multiple Sclerosis.


Tester’s bipartisan resolution is available online HERE.





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