Rehberg Calls on Senate to Act on Bipartisan House-Passed Flood Insurance Extension

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Montana’s Congressman, Denny Rehberg, today called on the Senate to take action on H.R. 1309, the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2011 which overwhelmingly passed the House more than seven months ago.  Rehberg voted for it on July 12, 2011.

“We may not be facing the same flood risk this year as we went through last year, but you don’t wait to buy car insurance until you’ve had an accident.  The National Flood Insurance Program is badly in need of extension and reform, and more than half a year ago, the House sent the Senate a bill to do just that.  It passed with overwhelming bipartisan support, and I hope the Senate will stop delaying necessary changes and do the work that needs to be done.”

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) operates with a multi-billion dollar deficit, which is why the Government Accountability Office has listed it as high-risk since 2006.  Since it was reformed in 2004, the important program has been criticized for under-pricing risk and promoting development in flood-prone areas that are more suitable for conservation.  This bipartisan legislation reauthorizes the program for five years while making important programmatic changes that will help modernize the NFIP.

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