Helena РWith the campaign season underway, the Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) would like to remind political candidates and committees of State of Montana restrictions on political sign placement on state highways. Cities and counties may have separate regulations on political sign placement along city or county roads. Under state regulations, signs promoting political candidates or issues shall be placed on private property only and cannot be placed without the permission of the property owner. Political signs do not require permits and are not subject to permit fees; however, it is the responsibility of political candidates and committees to ensure that all signs are in compliance with Montana Administrative Rule §18.6.246.

Political signs shall not be placed or allowed in any portion of public right-of-way or on public property. Signs placed on highway fences, utility poles, or otherwise on state right-of-way are not allowed and will be removed. Because such placement violates federal law, signs that pose a traffic hazard will be removed by MDT without prior notification and stored until they can be picked up by the owners.

Political signs must be removed within 14 days following the applicable election. The department shall notify the landowner of illegal signs which are not removed within 14 days. The signs will be removed by the department 24 hours after notification to the landowner. The department will retain removed political signs for five working days after notification of removal before their destruction. The sign owner may retrieve the signs during this period. Additional information is available at [ ]

For more information, please contact Outdoor Advertising Control Coordinator Patrick J. Hurley at (406) 444-6068. For the hearing impaired, the TTY number is (406) 444-7696 or 1-800-335-7592, or call Montana Relay at 711. Alternative accessible formats of this information will be provided upon request.


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